alternative rock, electronic & new wave

Psychedelic industry-techno and electronic crossover with influences from Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and others.

The first CD of alea - these are cosmic stories of Matacaumba, the snake of the universe, which is fighting against the great creator Dadouweya. There are also grounded stories of strange moments that change your life, of encounters, friendship, love and loss, of finding yourself and asking for the meaning of life. There is only one CD: "Matacaumba fights the universe" (if you touch the images with your mouse cursor, there appear larger versions of cover, contents and inlay). The lyrics are in English..





Here all songs in full-length for listening and download - as well as the lyrics:
(the lyrics appear in a new window, if you go with the cursor on a "here" within the lyrics-column )
Nr. Titel Lyrics Length MP3 HTML5 Player
1 Walking in the city 03'25" here
2 Arrow of time 03'27" here
3 Smart dolphins 03'10" here
4 Kings of nothing 03'32" here
5 Earthbound 03'26" here
6 Angelique 03'38" here
7 Are we perfect? 03'11" here
8 Matacaumba fights the universe 03'49" here
9 Unidentified living objects 03'27" here
10 Ravens rising from hell 03'14" here
11 Friends 04'01" here
12 Suburban mystery 03'16" here
13 Strange lover 03'18" here
14 Quantum dance 04'03" here
15 Crystal song 03'42" here
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music and sound:

alea offers catchy, danceable rhythms, thoughtful, melancholy lyrics, tight electronic sounds, surprising sounds and unusual arrangements

to create the sound there are used: the Emu Orbit 'The Dance Planet' - a, in his time, revolutionary sampling synthesizer - a Roland D-20 (keyboard, synthesizer and sequencer) and the Sound Canvas of Roland

the project:

alea is a pure studio project from the late 1990s. There were no live performances

the strange world of alea:

Time is runnning backwards, your life is burning, dolphins are wise, colors whisper, suns explode, we are kings of nothing, an encounter with Angelique changes the world, ravens are rising from hell...

the legend of matacaumba:

The legend of Matacaumba is a myth that came to us from the future, routing its way through a spiritual worm hole. Matacaumba, the cosmic snake, is one of the fundamental powers that keeps our worlds turning. Its fights against Dadouweya, the grand master, are part of the cosmic myths written down in the great book of our universe. Matacaumba is said to be the root of all evil, but without its destructive power there would be no creative forces, no consciousness, no thought of good and bad, no judgement of right or wrong. In some periods, in some places of the universe, some of the intelligent beeings, which people the milky way, are not aware of Matacaumba. And these are the very dark ages - without moral and sense, without goals and progress...