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Die Schwankenden Gestalten
Die Schwankenden Gestalten were founded in the late 1980s in Hamburg. A band with German lyrics, which did not chum up with the latest musical trends, but pursued its own way, mixing up different musical styles thereto. The group had several live performances and broke up in September 1990.

There has been a CD, where songs of Die Schwankenden Gestalten and Dr. Faustroll were presented together. The cover is shown below. On it there are six songs of Die Schwankenden Gestalten that you may listen to below





Here all songs in full-length for listening and download - as well as the lyrics:
(the lyrics appear in a new window, if you go with the cursor on a "here" within the lyrics-column)
Nr. Titel Lyrics Length MP3 HTML5 Player
1 Südwind 04'12" here
2 Schönheit und Kälte 05'37" here
3 Transzendente Gitarre 04'58" here
4 Schwankende Gestalten 04'56" here
5 Tanz auf dem Vulkan 04'36" here
6 Bus 04'05" here
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Die Schwankenden Gestalten

music and sound:

Willful, mostly melancholic guitar-based rockpop with songs from people, love and longing. The lyrics are in German

the band:

Die Schwankenden Gestalten existed from 1989 to 1990 with changing band members. Instruments: Guitars, keyboards, bass and drums

the name of the band:

The band's name comes from lines of text from the prologue of Goethe's Faust. It goes: "Ihr naht euch wieder, schwankende Gestalten, die früh sich einst dem trüben Blick gezeigt..." The prologue is reflected in the lyrics of the song 'Schwankende Gestalten'

Brakula, 1989:

Die Schwankenden Gestalten
Die Schwankenden Gestalten on an announcement for a live performance in the Brakula, Hamburg, on 25.11.1989