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high art musics - the extraordinary music-portal

on this website we present a collection of extraordinary bands and musical projects, mainly from the 1980s und 1990s. It is music aside the mainstream, surprising, courageous and unorthodox. Indeed, there are pieces of music being so eccentric, that you need some courage and pleasure for vanguard experiences to hear it. But visit the websites of the different projects and listen to the sounds!

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and these are our groups:

aleaalea psychedelic industry-techno and electronic crossover - influenced by Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and... more

Choose LifeChoose Life
forget Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lenny Kravitz and Oasis. Choose life - two guitars & two voices, bass, drums and turntables. Life as life is. Are you curious? more

dreamy-melancholic rock music with German lyrics: more

Faking Reflection

creative electronic sound-mixture from techno, synth-rock, drum´n bass, jungle und house: more

Spiegelberg - ultimate experimental sound from the 80ies: more

Dr. Faustroll psycho-space-new-wave with German lyrics from the beginning of the 80ies: more