Cold Coffee

(Music & Words: Ingmar Varain and Choose Life)

Cold coffee standin' on my table
Not worth warmin' it up once more
Displays that I was not able
To serve it well and sell it in the store

Small man lookin' thru my window
Castin' a grin at me
Says big man come off big rainbow
No good is so high to be

And know by now that sleep's awake
Dip it in cold coffee and have another cake

Here I go, goodbye to you
I think I hope you loved me too
I recognized myself in your hands
Yesterday's news now I understand
Again and again singin' in the rain
You And I and everyone else is to blame
I feel sick, I feel tired
(I felt good and I got fired)

Cold coffee drippin' from my desk
Mistaken for the smell of love
Stir it up for the sake of the past
Touchin' it with a golden glove

Small man will you be my friend now?
No he's just the messenger
To convey the power I'll have to find
I ride and I ride, and I'm the passenger

And know...