Did you cry

(Music & Words: Ingmar Varain)

I wake up from a dream and I raise my head
Take a look around and see the floor is wet
And all that salty water spread out all across the room
Is drippin' from the edge of your bed

I wonder where you are and I wonder what you feel
The fear that I sense seems however so unreal
Somehow I can't believe it, that you're gone and away
What did I do wrong, why can't you stay?

Tell me baby did you cry this night
While I wasn't aware of no fright?
Did you have your eyes open wide,
while I was sleepin' thoughtless by your side?

I should have known that something's wrong, what has made you so upset?
The empty place right by mi side makes me see I was misled
Was the time we had not satisfyin', was it not what you desired?
Was I hurting you baby, where did the rain start that put out your fire?

What has driven us apart, what has caused this mess, tell me baby, who's to blame?
Did I misunderstand the look in your eyes, didn't you still feel the same?
Were our kisses not the same when you whispered my name and said Darling, I love you so?
Why can't we start once more or somehow restore our love? I wanna know


I was blinded by your beauty, couldn't see your soul was blue,
That your mind was grey though your lips were red and that a shadow had come over you
So my words were wrong, were the hurtin' kind and your smile became fake
Well I should have been aware that one day you wouldn't be there when from my dream
I would awake