The Letter

(Music & words: Ingmar Varain)

I'd just read the first line
Of the letter from that girl of mine
Said you didn't dare to tell
It in my face, well burn in hell

Did you think it would be easy?
I mean your letter don't quite tease me
It's just the fact that you're not strong enough
To talk to me bout our love

You wrote it down to the letter
That made me even sadder
Did you think I'd feel better
With a damn sheet of paper?

They'd said come and get her
I could see no matter
Were you mad was I madder
To get onto that slaver?

And I had closed my eyes
And I felt so wise
Couldn't see a thing
Imagined birds that sing

Didn't understand their words
They said ooh boy it hurts
To see you going on like this
And they watched our last kiss

You wrote it...

What is written words good for?
Except for to hurt even more my baby
You know that I loved you and that I will always do
But even if I wouldn't I'd still never write it to you