...And They Do

(Music & Words: Ingmar Varain)

They came to the land of the storm and the sand
And the sandman was there to receive them
They walked through the field and they knew we would yield
Cause then we were the ones to believe them

And as they seized our house and the fever aroused
It was us to be learning their mission
And while their thoughts were veiled our attemptings failed
What they created was just competition

And when they took our hands
It was to take our chance
And they do and they do and they do

And when they said they'd prevent
It was no good where they went
And they do and they do and they do

And they took us here
Who'll take us back, my dear?
Think they'll do, think they'll do, think they'll do?

And when it then was to late would like to blame the fate
But fate is not where we come from
And the things that you made might turn out to make you afraid
And then you might be asked what you run from

And when they...