What she asked

(Music & Words: Ingmar Varain)

She was such an empty girl
An empty life in an empty world
And noone had told her it was cold in the rain

She stood under her cloud and hiding
While she never looked south and I've been
Tryin' so hard to twist her away
Beggin' so eagerly to make myself stay
And one night I just stood and stared
Her night was torn and her day appeared

And everybody knows she was only a child girl
And everybody knows that it happend too fast
Never I could give her...
And everybody knows she was so much of a wild girl
And everybody knows that she needed to rest
Never I could give her what she asked

She was doin' circles when it required squares from her
It never quite got to her
And she never quite got away

Guess she would not understand
She said, my life is a better man
A gift to be sacrificed
A fire she'd take back if iced
What's left is only hope that she
did not expect what cannot be

And everybody knows...