Angelique, my dear, tell me what´s going on

you push me up, take me down

you are turning me ´round

you make me nervous, make me cry

you´re the mirror of my soul

revealing a wise man

who´s nothing but a fool

Angelique, my dear, you´re the pleasure of all guys

you´re the queen of the nights

and a shadow during daylight

you are dancing like a fairy

moving smoothly on your feet

you are the perfect femme fatal

breaking heart by heart indeed

Angelique, you are so strong

doing only what you want

but deep inside you are a little girl

seeking faith and trust and shelter

what you´ld need would be a friend

but I´ld like to be your lover

and though we often talk, I know

it does´nt fit at all

Angelique, you make me cry

Angelique, you make me die

Oh Angelique, you are still in my head

I know it´s crazy loving you

yes, it´s driving me mad

we could never be a couple

but I cannot let you go

´cause your´re binding all my feelings

and that´s why I love you so