Kings of nothing

I see people running through their lives
teachers telling children lies
only the birds are still free
the future is now, can´t you see?

So get up people
stop just looking
tell your children
what is cooking up
if you think
this is your destiny
don´t be credulous
and you will see

One day the time has come to free
the human race and you will be
finally together thinking
of old ships that are now sinking
who ever wants to be the king
is now the king who rules nothing
yes, this is how everything seems
in the human races dreams

So get up people...

If people would know
how things will grow
they would stop to follow
this shiny big show

People are running blind through their lives
believing all of our great lies
even the birds are´nt any longer free
the past is the past - a nice memory

So get up people...