Quantum dance

The master of the universe
where have you been?
is sitting on a cloud of dust
we felt alone
pleased with the way he made things turn
you have been silent
he looks at twinkling stars and planets births
you gave no signs
and all the things he has created
you did´nt tell us
are really good, are doing well
from right or wrong
the beeings which emerged from dust worlds
we´re on our way now
are going to sing and praise his greatness
we´re feeling strong

The master of the universe
we dream our dreams
is moving on from star to star
live our lifes
he´s rushing between galaxies
we think about you
he´s travelling out of time and space
who turned on lights
he´s listening to the worlds he made
we now demand
to creatures which he pushed to life
what you refused
and (he) says: it was a good idea
the change will come
to make those quanta dance
we´re ready to go

We are something different
the sum of your rules is more than you intended to create
we are not determined to do what you expect
you are the father and the mother,
but now we matured and will do what we want
we don´t need you any more
so you may dissappear in one of your black holes