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Dr. Faustroll
After breakup of the band Professor Faust-Troll (see, both former members Henning E. and Wolfgang K. founded in Berlin a new group: Dr. Faustroll. It is characterized musically by new wave elements and avant-garde approaches. Sophisticated guitar sounds, Roland keyboard, a Korg MS 20-synthesizer, at the beginning with bass guitar and drums, later dominated by rhythm machines.

There has been a CD where songs from Dr. Faustroll and Die Schwankenden Gestalten were presented together. The cover is shown here. There are four songs of Dr. Faust roll, which you can listen to in the table below.





Here all songs in full-length for listening and download - as well as the lyrics:
(the lyrics appear in a new window, if you go with the cursor on a "here" within the lyrics-column)
Nr. Titel Lyrics Length MP3 Flash Player
1 Stein 02'55" here

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2 Suslow 03'09" here

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3 Ubik 03'34" here

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4 Südwind 04'10" here

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Dr. Faustroll

music and sound:

The music is characterized by new-wave elements and remarkable German lyrics, joy in experimental sounds, unusual arrangements, and relentlessly running rhythm machines

the band:

Dr. Faustroll existed with changing band members from 1980 bis 1982 in Berlin

the name of the band:

The band's name was inspired by the novel "Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician" by Alfred Jarry beeing written between 1898 and 1903 and published 1911. The French author Jarry coined the term Pataphysics and is considered a pioneer of the Surrealists and Dadaists
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